42 ton container crane

42-ton container crane, KOCKS no. 73166. The crane is used in conjunction with loading/unloading of ships and other goods handling at Fagerneskaia.

The crane has container reach for handling containers from 20 to 40 feet, straps and slings for handling loads up to 42 tonnes. For example, smaller vessels, general cargo, project cargo etc.

To book please contact the Port Office. Bookings within ordinary working hours: 07:00 – 15:30 must be done at least 2 hours prior to the operation.

Prices and conditions can be found here her

Technical data:

  • Object: KOCKS container crane
  • Capacity: 42 tonnes
  • Gauge: 18 m
  • Height below beam: 32 m


Mitshubishi 1991, lifting capacity 2ton.

Hyundai 2018, lifting capacity 3,3ton, can drive into a container.


One loader, VolvoL70G. The loader is equipped with shovel, snow buckets, pallet forks, sand bucket and sweepers.


We have one truck with crane, Volvo FL10.

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