Buksér and Berging AS have entered into a long-term contract for tugboat operations in Narvik.

Buksér and Berging AS has the following tugs available:


IMO number: 7504342
Call sign: LEBO
Tonnage (gross tons): 506
Engine power (hp): 4900
Max towing capacity (tons): 47
Vessel type: Tug



IMO number: 9334765

Call sign: LATC

Tonnage (gross tons): 731

Engine power (KW): 4140

Max towing capacity (tons): 72

Vessel type: Tug


IMO number: 9200172

Call sign: LJMG

Tonnage (gross tons): 481

Engine power (HP): 5508

Max towing capacity (tons): 67

Vessel type: Tug

For more information, contact maritime operations at:

  • Telephone: (+ 47) 76 95 03 75