Havnesikring (ISPS)

ISPS Information

In the port district of Narvik there are 5 ISPS terminals. There are 3 certified terminals in the Public Port and in addition the private terminal at LKAB and Skarvenes is fully implemented.

The Narvik Terminal

The Narvik Terminal is located at Fagernes. There is established electronic access control to the terminal, witch means that all personnel with access to the terminal have to be cleared by the Port Control in advance. Key cards for visiting vessels will be issued by the Port Control upon arrival of the vessel.

Narvik Central Harbor Pier 1
This ISPS terminal is dedicated to Cruise Ships or other vessels with specific interest in this location. The ISPS measurements are established prior to any ships arrival at the terminal that requires ISPS security measures.

Narvik Central Harbor Nordkaia
This terminal is operated by NorLines and is primary serving the NorLines vessels.

Contact Information
All questions regarding the 3 terminals mentioned above can be addressed to the following persons:

Øistein Kaarbø, Port Captain

Mobile: (+47) 91 91 88 71

Finn Brattli, Maritime Security Advisor

Mobile: (+47) 95 24 50 11

Port Control
Port Inspectors

Phone: (+47) 76 95 03 75
Fax: (+47) 76 95 03 85

The LKAB Terminal
LKAB is a private terminal and all request regarding rules and regulations can be addressed to the LKAB agents or LKAB’s PFSO.

Skarvenes Terminal
Skarvenes is a private terminal and all request regarding rules and regulations can be addressed to the Grieg logistics agents or Grieg logistics PFSO.

Pre Arrival Information Public Terminals (LKAB and Skarvenes excluded)
Ships entering Port of Narvik must supply the following information to the ship’s agent before arrival.

1. Information on the latest 10 ports of arrival
2. Supply a copy of the ship’s "International Ship Security Certificate" on first call.
3. Supply a crew list
4. If necessary: a list of crew changes
5. Supply a list of visitors on board during the port stay
6. Supply a detailed list of companies who are due to deliver commodities and/or services during the ship’s stay
7. If passengers on board - supply a passenger list

Ships, who do not have a ship’s agent, must in due time of arrival provide the necessary information direct to the Port of Narvik on e-mail: portcontrol@portofnarvik.com or fax (+47) 76 95 03 85

Requirements for the crew
Crew, who wishes to go ashore, must bring personal identification documents with photo.