The Port of Narvik is assigned responsibility for safety and accessibility in the fairways.

In the inner harbour, permission is required from the port authority before diving can take place. Furthermore, permission is required to dive closer than 100 meters from other war wrecks in Narvik Harbour’s waters. The requirement for a permit is in accordance with ¬ß6 of the ordinance act..

To apply for a diving permit contact Maritime Operations. The applicant must pay an administration fee.

In addition to assessing applications for diving permits, maritime operations will be able to provide information on the relevant wrecks and local conditions.

Diving takes place at your own risk and in addition to a permit from the Port of Narvik, divers must comply with other legislation, such as:

  • The Cultural Heritage Act
  • The Funeral Act
  • The Open Air Act
  • The Criminal Code

Any permits pursuant to these provisions are granted by other authorities.